Now… Where Was I?

After reading up on e-book marketing, I learned that almost across the board, insiders suggest free promotions to draw attention to your work. With a handful of titles coming out over the next two years, I had to sit and wonder which one—or ones—I should consider giving away.

One day while going through my iTunes collection to replace missing album artwork, I came across a sampler from London Records that came out in 1987 called Giant. It used (or approximated) the artwork of the film with the same name.

Various Artists - Giant (London Records Sampler)

It got me thinking: why not put out a sampler that has something from each of the books you’ll be releasing and can stand as a free promotional download until all the titles included in it have been formally published?

I flip-flopped with a number of different names and finally settled on “Now… Where Was I?” which is based on a friend’s suggestion, ‘Where Was I?’

For the cover I wanted something simple. This is what I came up with:

Now Where Was I (final) flat 600

So… What’s in it?

“Curtains” (from the novella The Codependent Cabaret)
“Secret Things” (from Secret Things)
“The Art of the Matter” (from the novella Broken, Down)
“For the Love of Ella” (from Need)
“Enemies, At Last” (also from Need)
“Third Night” (originally published in Brothers of the Night: Gay Vampire Stories in 1997 and also the re-issue of Secret Things)
“I Love You… Hello?” (from the novella Black and Blue Crush)
“The Ballad of Aunt Stabby” (an excerpt from a story from Tiny Grievances)
“Almost Anything” (from Need)
“Tiny Grievances” (from Tiny Grievances)
“Wait Watchers” (a new piece, featured in the re-issue of Secret Things)
“Complications” (from Need)
“Three Words Away” (also from Tiny Grievances)
The first two chapters of Rehab, my first novel.

Read more about the process of putting this compilation together.

This anthology is being offered free of charge for a limited time. It will not be available on Amazon (for Kindle users), but you can get the Kindle version—and all other formats—on the Smashwords website. If it will be your first time on Smashwords, you should look for the “adult content” button at the top right hand corner of the main page and make sure you click on it before you do your search.

Here are the links:

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