Now… Where Was I?


Now Where Was I (final) flat 600

Now… Where Was I? was a limited-time-only free e-book published to draw attention to the re-issues of books I was planning, as well as a collection of all-new short stories. NWWI? is now no longer available.


“Curtains” (from the novella The Codependent Cabaret)
“Secret Things” (from Secret Things)
“The Art of the Matter” (from the novella Broken, Down)
“For the Love of Ella” (from Need)
“Enemies, At Last” (also from Need)
“Third Night” (originally published in Brothers of the Night: Gay Vampire Stories in 1997 and also the re-issue of Secret Things)
“I Love You… Hello?” (from the novella Black and Blue Crush)
“The Ballad of Aunt Stabby” (an excerpt from a story from Tiny Grievances)
“Almost Anything” (from Need)
“Tiny Grievances” (from Tiny Grievances)
“Wait Watchers” (a new piece, featured in the re-issue of Secret Things)
“Complications” (from Need)
“Three Words Away” (also from Tiny Grievances)
The first two chapters of Rehab, my first novel.