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Day Two

TweetPerpetual dusk pushes down. I feel it in the back of my eyes and the tightness between my shoulder blades. Walking, eyes down, downtown streets. So few people, so badly put together. Track pants and jump suits. December 19. Where … Continue reading

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Magnificent Absence

Tweet Oscar is at the animal hospital having several teeth extracted and a dental cleaning today. I come home from dropping him off and the silence upon entering my apartment was eerie, threatening, depressing. I don’t hear his toenails clicking … Continue reading

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Logos in the Park

TweetMarch 09, 2003 Dusk settles on the park as Oscar and I stroll through it. He prances as he walks, stubby tail erect, occasionally wagging. I lumber along, feet aching, lungs heavy, throat occasionally belching up phlegm. Attractive men with … Continue reading

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TweetMarch 05, 2003. The only part of winter I truly love is that wonderful hush during and after a snowfall, late at night or early in the morning. The way the snow dampens the noise of the city can create … Continue reading

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