I’m sitting at my computer waiting for something to transfer. I look to see what movie to watch tonight. I see the title Grizzly sitting horizontally on the shelf, which means it’s new and needs to be filed. Yes, that odd-awful Jaws rip-off that had me running screaming for the theatre lobby when I saw it at the age of twelve. Westwood Cinema, now closed. Rating: Adult Entertainment (AE). Just the bold blood red font alone sends a familiar feeling of dread through my brain and body. You should not see this, I think. Why on earth am I carrying this around forty-two years later?

I watched it last week. It’s like a TV-movie with some unexpected gore. And, even though most of the ‘events’ are poorly executed, there are two good gore effects and one alarmingly excellent one. I also thought the dialogue was inauthentic. That’s probably a moot point, but I don’t like putting my intelligence on hold for 90 minutes. Also, it’s a pretty ugly movie to watch. Either the film stock was cheap or they shot the film in the fall or early spring because there are hardly any lush, vivid greens in the production, which is a shame. As it is it looks bleak and cold. Other colours were as one would imagine them.

What is it with the urge to hang on to certain things? I mean physical things. In this case I wanted the new Grizzly blu-ray released by 88 Films in the U.K. I didn’t really enjoy the film, but I did enjoy the experience of it. I am still connected to that feeling of dread and am frankly thrilled I can still feel it, and thanks to last week’s viewing of Grizzly, and this evening’s reaction to seeing the blu-ray spine, I can now start to pick it apart. To know consciously what I am afraid of.

GRIZZLY, US poster, left from top: Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel, right from top: Joan McCall, Joe Dorsey, Maryann Hearn, 1976

88 Films also recently re-issued Alice, Sweet Alice. I will post some thoughts on that in the coming days.

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