Horror Month 2018 has arrived!

October is my favourite time of year. The dramatic, often delayed, switch from summer to fall, the two weeks of cold temperatures before my building turns on the heaters, sweaters, shopping for the perfect pair of warm fuzzy socks, jackets, the busy catering season is officially underway, all the beautiful-tacky Halloween decorations, screenings of old favourite horror movies at local cinemas, and a real concentrated focus on horror. For me, this year, October means completely immersing myself in my favourite genre of film. As I round the finish line of work on my mini-series, I’m going to take extra care to ensure my viewing habits will positively influence my writing. (Glad I got “Death Ship” out of the way early on…)

So if you’re going to follow along, I hope that some of the films I mention/review will be new to you and, if not, that my take on them may cause you to reconsider.

Welcome to another hellish, haunted Horror Month!

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