Now… Where Was I?

I didn’t bit off more than I could chew. It just took me longer to prepare the meal.

My new book will be delayed slightly. The process of rewriting, editing and formatting has taken longer than I expected. I apologize for the delay. The new book should be available by Tuesday night. I’ve also decided to go with a different title. Originally it was to be called Parts. Then Pieces. Then *excerpt. Unless I wake up tomorrow morning with a completely new idea, the book’s title is Now… Where Was I? It might not be crystal clear what that means, but I’ll explain soon enough.

The book is a sampler—or compilation if you’d prefer—of all the books I will be releasing over the next year and a half. The word count is hovering around the 62,000 mark, so it’s a good length. And best of all… It’s free. I’ve assembled what I feel are some of the highlights from each of the seven books I will be publishing in 2014/2015 and am making it available free to download for a limited time.

As soon as the manuscript is uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon (Kindle), I will post links.

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